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i have been honoured to have been invited along to some old teams and new, presentation nights to hand out their awards and in some cases do a little speech, Q & A with the players and parents at the awards. These were great experiences for me as a young player trying to make my way in the game. I can still remember these nights vivdly, getting presented awards was always special but to be presented them by some of my heroes and people i looked up to will stay with me forerver. So to be on the other side of it actually presenting the awards was quite humbling for me.


It was my pleasure and honour to be able to give a motivational talk before handing out the various awards at a school recently. It was a tremendous evening honouring the talent of a group of Learning Support students aged between 8-12. We spoke about achieving their potential and the power of believing they could achieve what it was they focused on. I asked the question if they had one wish “what did they want to be”, the answers ranged from a dentist to a Formula 1 Driver, so I’m looking forward to revisiting them in a few years to get my teeth fixed and tickets for a grand prix!! In this talk I called upon personal experiences of success and failure and how to deal with them and use them both to learn from to help achieve their full potential in what it is they wanted to be. If I inspired just one child there to great things or to believe in the power of working towards you’re dreams then I’m a happy man. 


I am available and really look forward to doing more of these in the future, where I can tailor the talk to meet the needs of the group in question, where I hope to help inspire as many to future greatness and a fulfilled life as is possible.

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