Like I touched on before, I have been fortunate enough in my career to have worked and played with some of the best players and managers in world football, what I didn’t mention was that these were often, shall we say, the most colourful characters in world football. I believe you have to have a slight mental flaw to be touched by genius and a lot of eccentricity to boot, most of these people didn’t let my theory down.  I’ve been able to see at close quarters how these people work and what makes them tick to stay at the top of their chosen profession. Some opened my eyes with their philosophy’s on football, with their various tactics and formations. They also gave me an insight into professionalism and idea’s I’d never seen before, and some just opened my eyes! All in all it made for a very interesting journey and many stories and insights along the way that I now can share with you in the following guises that can be accessed from the left side of the page.


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