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If you didn’t want to do the 1 on 1 sessions, this is a way of getting a more focused coaching experience where you can get a group of likeminded friends together. I can tailor a session around the group instead of just the individual, you would still be able to get the intensity and correct techniques out of the session and in some ways could be more enjoyable as you’re working with and pushing you’re mates on.


Likewise if it was purely fitness you are after as a group, this is a great and enjoyable way to get the results you require. 


I recently took an U15 squad of Rugby players (36 in total) for a SAQ training session that i had tailored to their sport. I had to think a little outside the box but I thoroughly enjoyed tailoring the training to a different sport and enjoyed coaching a great group of lads who I hope enjoyed the session and took a lot from it...they won there next two games and got through to a cup final, although I'm not taking all the credit but I hope I helped.


"It was a great session Jim, thankyou very much! Already had the lads ask for a copy of the session and if we can get you to do more at the club"


Richard Bedford (Coach) Bishops Stortford Rugby Club


"We had a fantastic training session, I could see you had put a lot of thought into setting all of this up and relating it to rugby movements as well. A big thanks from all of us and we would be very happy if you have the time to do further sessions through the summer where we could have some very fit and fast players for the start of the season" 


Adrian Watson (Coach) Bishops Stortford Rugby Club


If your interested in group coaching please use the contact form to get in touch.


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