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Dion Henry


This would work in conjunction with the 1 on 1 sessions, where if you wanted and was dedicated to achieving your highest level possible I can offer you the ultimate package which would be like having myself as your own professional coach. I would watch and analyse your games (taking warm ups before the game where possible) work out the area’s that needed improving and tailor a training program to optimize results. I would also look at the area’s that could be improved off the training field, ie.. Lifestyle and nutritional habits and also a full conditioning program to improve the area’s identified, ie. Posture, Balance, Power, Strength and Flexibility. We would work together in six weekly blocks, constantly analyzing and working towards taking you’re game to the highest level achievable.


This would be typical of the work I did with Dion Henry at Peterborough, where as a raw 16 year old academy GK I could see the potential in him. I worked with him in all the area’s I had specified that he needed and within 6 months he was working with the first team every day as the clubs number two goalkeeper. Whilst still young and with a lot to learn he improved enough to earn himself his first professional contract and has recently been on trial with Aston Villa. I'm also very proud to say he's been called up to the England U 18 squad for the first time.


This didn’t just happen, it took a lot of hours analysing strengths and weaknesses and working on them in training alongside the conditioning work that I designed specifically for him. A big factor was also taking what he had learnt on the training field into games and analysing if what we were doing was working, which I did over a period of six week blocks. This took an extremely lot of work on Dion's part aswell as my own with literally untold amounts of blood, sweat and tears to get him to the level he is currently at. I'm looking forward to seeing his progression in the future. 





This program can also be used for other sports to optimize a players potential.I’ve recently been working with a young rugby player who has excellent potential, we identified the area’s that could be improved and worked on them over a period of around eight months, I am very pleased to say the hard work paid off as he’s currently been taken in to Saracens Elite Academy.


To register your interest in this package, please fill in the contact form. Places will be limited on this due to amount of contact time needed with the player. With this in mind places are on a strictly first come, first served basis. 



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